this is domenic.

he’s my second cousin- my cousin’s son. he’s six and my cousin is 25. she has a really good job in indianapolis- where she moved because everything is cheaper and because it’s where her husband’s family is.

her husband, domenic’s father, denis, is in mexico. he’s been in mexico since october, away from his family, because no one can seem to get him papers.

the whole ordeal is really sad. here’s this little boy growing up without his father. he didn’t do anything wrong, but he has to suffer.

and then i always worry about denis because of the terrible shit going down in mexico. then i remember he’s in vera cruz, aka heaven.

anywho, this is just a post to show off my little mexican.

i miss my domenico<3

Posted: May 31, 2011 • 12:18 AM
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